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EZ Texting Product Updates

Stay Up to Date with EZ Texting’s Latest Product Enhancements and New Features!

23 March, 2023

New Drip Campaign Templates!

We have just released three new Customer Journey Drip Campaign Templates to help you quickly launch advanced campaigns and automate your marketing efforts. Our latest templates focus on Retail, Non-Profit, Employee Onboarding, Real Estate industries, and Welcome campaigns designed to help you build and launch custom flows that cater to your specific needs.

14 March, 2023

Inbound Call Reply!

We are excited to announce that we have implemented a solution to this problem. We have eliminated the busy signal and have replaced it with a default audio file that says, "Thank you for calling. This phone number is only capable of receiving text messages and cannot receive voice calls. Please try sending a text instead." This will provide a better experience for your contacts that may assume that your textable number can receive calls as well.

09 February, 2023

Introducing EZ Texting en Español!

We are excited to announce that we have made a major update to our messaging platform to support special characters commonly used in Spanish. In the past, we had to restrict these characters to ensure successful message delivery and prevent billing issues. However, we understand that many of our customers communicate in languages other than English, especially Spanish, the second most commonly used language in the US.

22 December, 2022

New Feature Update - Contact Upload Summary!

In the past, it was difficult to track the status of current uploads, and you were only notified once the upload was completed. This may have left you wondering which contacts had errors and were not uploaded. With the new Contact Upload Summary, we have added an incremental progress bar on the processing page to show where you are in the upload process. This will help you know how much time is left and when to expect your upload to be completed.

20 December, 2022

Meet the New EZ Texting List Growth Tools!

Are you looking for more ways to use EZ Texting to convert email subscribers to opted-in contacts and continue growing your contact lists organically? Look no further. Introducing new prompts to complete after engaging with our list growth tools!